Custom Work

Bump Painting

Attention: I use non-toxic body paints, something like makeup! 🙂 It’s a joy to paint baby bumps of ‘to be mammas’… the creators, the power-beings, the givers and the nurturers! It will be my honor to paint your baby bump, if you are in Paris! 🙂

Book me for a baby bump painting session if you are in Paris or around! 🙂

1.5 hour session

Tarif: 350 euros

I will come to you, according to your preference of course and the design on the belly will be personalised! 🙂 The ideal time to get your bump painted is between 6-8 months.

I also take photographs of you and your family (if you like) in your house or a nearby park/outdoors. You will receive the photos within a week of our session!

Contact me to book a session



Want a funky portrait of yourself, a friend or your family? All you need to do is send me your favourite picture! 😀

I love to work with very many different mediums, I always have and the pictures that you are seeing now are worked upon digitally, then printed on wood and laser cut. After which paint on them again and finish it with a coat of Resin to give it a glass like finish! 🙂

Commission me to make one for you!

20- 30 cms: 400 euros + shipping

50- 60 cms : 750 euros + shipping

60 – 100 cms: 1000 euros + shipping



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Ask me anything! 🙂

Please get in touch with me for any questions 🙂