If you’re wondering what is dance doing on this artist website, I am also a dancer!

Dance gives me great joy, brings movement in my life and helps me ground myself.

Why Bollywood? Because it comes most naturally to me. I was born and raised in India, and moved to Paris in 2008. And I have been spreading Indian art and culture in Europe ever since. 


Regular dance classes on Zoom every Sunday 18h-19h CET (Paris time)

Tarif : € 10 per session

Paypal : poonam152@gmail.com

Get in touch for details : bollywoodbypoonam@gmail.com

Regular in-person dance classes in Paris

Returning soon after COVID

Fridays 19h-80h
Tarif: €15 per class, 10 classes €135
Re-corps Paris
16A Boulevard de Reuilly, 75012 Paris
Metro : Dugommier (Ligne 6), Daumesnil (Ligne 6, 8)
Inscription : bollywoodbypoonam@gmail.com