The Beauty Deck



Oracle Cards Deck

Each boxed kit (15 x 10 1/2cms) includes a 53-card deck and a 152-page guidebook.

♥ Crafted in small lots on FSC paper
♥ Conceived in Paris
♥ Birthed, printed & produced by Women in Lisbon
♥ Instagram @the_beauty_deck


The Beauty Deck is an intuitive Oracle Deck of 53 cards with an accompanying guidebook, created as a tool for Self Love and Intuitive Healing.

Written by Michelle Pozon and brought to life by Poonam Malpani, the deck features every day angels and “muses next door” with the teachers, heroes, and dieties who’ve been celebrated through time, across different cultures. Together, they illustrate the ageless wisdom and beauty inherent in us all.